Dave & I have been avid NAVHDA members for close to 30 years and are also NAVHDA “North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association judges with Julie being a Sr. Judge. We currently have 7 Griffs of our own and our current breeding stock now consists of  Tippy and Amie. Missy and Emmy and PJ are now both retired.    


 Our 2015 Updated plans  - we have already had two litters in 2015.  We are planning a Breeding Tippy on her next heat later this year.      Our training plans for 2015 will be getting a UT title on Amie and NA testing Heidi.  Socializing and playing with our new Puppy De Jac’s Just in Case. “K.C”.   


Dave and I love to hunt and so do our dogs!!



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De Jac Pine Griffons

Dave & Julie A Carlstrom

13610 Griffith Ave.

Bancroft, WI  54921


de Jac Pine Kennels

Our Wirehaired Pointing Griffons



  De Jac’s Good Golly Miss Molly     NA I   UT Prize II  189pts         Hips               retired


  De Jac’s One in a Million “Emmy”NA II UT Prize II 174 pts       Hips               retired


  De Jac’s Pride and Joy “P.J.”          NA I    UT Prize II  189 pts      Hips               retired


  De Jac’s VolareTippy          DNA   NA I  UT Prize I  192 pts         Hips


  De Jac’s Amie                          DNA NA II                                              Hips   


  De Jac’s Hi-Di-Ho                    Born May 30 2014…Fun Pup in Training for NA


  De Jac’s Just In Case                 Born March 1, 2015

4 generations of NAVHDA testing

Our first UT

Prize I dog

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